From the beginning of this year pyrotechnics of SES have seized and defused almost 10500 dangerous explosive devices.

Every day pyrotechnical units of the SES of Ukraine carry out the exploration of the territory of Ukraine in order to detect and defuse the explosive devices world war times. So, only during the 31st March , pyrotechnics of the Rescue Service went out 25 times and detected and neutralized 69 ammunition. In general , from the beginning of this year pyrotechnical units of the SES seized and defused10 408 dangerous explosive devices, including 97 aerial bombs.

According to official statistics, during this spring season the number of detection of dangerous explosive devices increase in a great number. A great number of reports are constantly coming in from our citizens about mines detection in windbreaks, private gardens and so on.

In addition, on 28th March pyrotechnical group of the Special Rapid-rescue Respond brigade in Cherkassy Oblast neutralized 8 dangerous explosive devices, which have been found in the windbreaks.

Throughout 29-31 March combat engineers of the Special Rapid-rescue Respond brigade of SESU in Khmelnytskyi Oblast seized and defused 24 dangerous explosive devices in special fire polygons. Ammunition was found on the territory of Kamianetsk-Podilskyi, Volochysk, Gorodotsk, Shepetivsk, Vinkovetsk and Dunaev Regions and Starokonstantyñiv сity during land activities.
On 30 March were seized and neutralized 4 shrapnel shells and a hand grenade (which were used during 2 World War ) by our specialists of the 2nd Special Rapid Respond Center of SES of Ukraine (Lviv Oblast). Ammunition was found by their local citizens during cleaning the private gardens.

On 31 March pyrotechnics of Main Department of the SES in Vinnytsia Oblast destroyed aerial anti-personnel bomb, that local citizen had found in the woodland belts. During this day pyrotechnics of SESU neutralized 33 dangerous explosive devices in Sloviansk and Pershotravneviy districts in Donetsk Oblast . Besides twenty-four hour work as to exposure and neutralization of ammunition our specialists of SESU are also constantly improving their professional skills. Thus, on 31 March , on the base of Operational Training Center of Civil Protection and Rescue Service of the SESU, educational and methodical conference was held with the chiefs of pyrotechnical units. During this conference participants considered questions of the corporation in humanitarian mine cleaning sphere and reduction of hazards during mine detecting between territorial bodies of SESU and governing bodies (municipal government), and also shared experience in planning sphere and in organization humanitarian demining of Ukrainian territory.

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine are constantly appealing to our citizens with request : in the case of exposure of the explosive devices by no means touch them. And you must immediately call 101 or102 . We emphasize, that during exposure suspicious devices, it is prohibited categorically to remove them, to pour liquids over them, to cover them with any dry substances, to affect them with sound, light, warm, or to make mechanical influence, because almost all explosive devices are sensitive to mechanical, sound influence and heating.

Press Service of the SES of Ukraine

“Throughout all last year pyrotechnics of SES neutralized over 50 000 ammunition”- Oleg Melchutskiy.

One of the priority tasks of the SES of Ukraine is clearance of our State territory from explosive devices. Every day pyrotechnical units of the Rescue Service accomplish up to 25 departures, detect and defuse about 150 explosive devices. Pyrotechnics of the SES neutralized more than 50 000 ammunition ,including 748 aerial bombs , only in 2015. The first head-assistant of SESU Oleg Melchutskiy declared about this situation during joint briefing with UNICEF and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on the occasion of International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action.

“Nowadays the State Emergenсy Service of Ukraine is charged to execute one more important function – that is a clearance liberate territories of Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts from the ammunition. On 3 August 2014 pyrotechnics of SESU cleaned over 11 600 ha of territories, 38 ha of the area of water, demined about 1 000 social establishments, neutralized about 55 000 dangerous explosive devices on the East of Ukraine, including about 760 explosive devices which were set specially.”- reported Oleg Melchutskiy.

As to the first head-assistant of SESU said : ammunition is often camouflaged by articles of mass consumption, children toys, and , in the first place are targeted against citizens and children. That is why, rescues are constantly holding informational and explanatory work with citizens and are teaching them rules, about right behavior during detecting dangerous explosive devices. Specialists of SESU attend preschool institutions and educational establishments on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts and also another regions and are holding subjects lessons about Anti-Mine actions and Mine Awareness.

Press Service of the SES of Ukraine